I have played golf for the last eight years. Last year, inexplicably, my handicap began to dramatically rise. I came to the conclusion that maybe golf was no longer something I wished to continue. My husband persuaded me to take a few lessons before I gave up something I used to love.

I live at Legend Trail so I enrolled in the John Jacobs Three Day Golf School. Am I ever glad I did. The instruction was personalized in every detail. The instructors picked up on my bad habits right away. A few, small changes in my swing was all I needed. By the end of the first day I had increased my drives by forty to fifty yards. I had never been able to chip. Guess what? I am a great chipper now. Within four weeks my handicap index has gone from 36.5 to 31.4. That’s in four weeks!

I recently attended the one day workshop to refresh my memory on some of the finer points. The next day I went out and shot an 88! That’s not bad for a 59 year old woman!

Your instructors are the best thing about your program. They are personable, upbeat and extremely helpful. I like them so much that I plan to attend a one day workshop every month until my handicap hits 20 which I know I can do.

Thanks to John Jacobs, I love golf again. It is much more fun to play when you are good!

Liz D. May 2016