John Jacobs success rate with all levels of golfers continues to be outstanding.

Jack Nicklaus

The improved ability to learn from ball flight was my most important breakthrough.

Tiger Woods

John Jacobs is not the best golf teacher in the world; he’s the best golf teacher that has ever been.

Hank Haney

John’s stuff is simple and easy to understand because it’s right,” Harmon says. “It works for every player who ever lived or will live.

Butch Harmon

I am blown away with how much I learned in just three days. The ability to diagnose the cause of my bad shots and immediately make adjustments to correct them has changed my game forever. In the first two rounds since the course I have shaved 12 points off my handicap! I couldn’t be happier with the results and would recommend the John Jacobs golf school and in particular my instructor Stuart Allison to anybody looking to improve their game.

Max Pigman

I just wanted to thank John Jacobs’ Golf School for the wonderful service and the best golf experience! I learned more from instructor in 3 days than I have in the 30 years I have been playing and taking lessons. The group I scheduled for the school shares my sentiments. We are already talking about repeating the school.

Kline Barry

My girlfriend and I just returned from a great weekend school. Our instructor was able to show us what we needed to do to play better… He gave us each a boost in our enthusiasm for golf, and the capability to sustain it. We are delighted!

Jim Doane

After attending your school at Painted Mountain, I came home and played my home course yesterday. I shot a 87, which is my best round ever. For a 23.5 handicapper, quite a thrill. Please pass along my thanks to the staff at Painted Mtn.

John Jameson

I am writing to thank you and Tom for a wonderful Golf School experience.This was my second consecutive year of attending school at Lely and my expectations were more than realized. Great Job!

Gregory Harrison

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I enjoyed the Jacobs Golf School at Sanctuary in Scottsdale. Both instructors were wonderful teachers and managed to help everyone even though the level of golf skill was quite different for each student. After six months hiatus from golf during winter in the Colorado mountains, golf school is a great way to get going again. I’m ready to come back!

Helene Slansky

I recently attended your school in Indio, California. The school was very helpful. I was particularly impressed with your instructor Eddie Jones. I’ve had several golf instructors during my golfing days but Eddie was superior to any of them, by far. You are fortunate to have him as an employee. I would certainly return to a school where he is teaching in the future.

John Porterfield

Barb got a hole in one at your golf school at Indian Palms Country Club. Eddie Jones was the instructor. It was a great school!

Barb Seabaugh

Our experience at your commuter class gave us the confidence and expertise to figure out how to break old bad habits and really teach us the “fundamentals” of the different golf shots. Your teaching staff went way beyond my expectations. You should be very proud of them.

Paul Akagi

What a well run school! I have been playing for 30+ years and my wife has just taken up the game. She is very enthusiastic about playing as she gained a great deal of “understanding.” I got the help I was looking for and we do plan on attending a school every year.

Jack Stewart

No other golf school has ever been able to teach me pitching and chipping the way John Jacobs’ did. In fact, I not only pitched my ball, I did it 35 yards from the green! It felt so incredible to learn something, and actually be able to do it properly.

Stephanie Bloomberg

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